Jamie Robert Alexander

Jamie-Heatstone1My beautiful grandson, Jamie Robert Alexander was born in the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow on 5 October 2010.  Jamie was born with Downs Syndome, Hirschsprungs Disease and Heart Problems (AVSD).  Jamie received excellent care by the Doctors and Nurses at Yorkhill.  My daughter-in-law Kerri is funding raising for the Yorkhill Children’s Foundation in memory of Jamie.

Jamie Robert Alexander

(2 Days old)

Jamie Robert Alexander

(4 weeks old)

Jamie was transferred to the Royal Sick Childrens Hospital, Yorkhill, Glasgow on 6 October 2010 where he remained until he died on 26 December 2010. During this time Jamie’s parents my son Gary and daughter-in-law Kerri stayed at Ronald McDonald family house which is situated two minutes away from the hospital. Without this facility Gary and Kerri would not have been able to be with Jamie during this time.Ronald McDonald House is a charity  run by Mcdonalds the burger company. There is no charge for this accommodation and cooking and laundry facilities are provided.

Yorkhill Family Houses costs in the region of £300,000 per year to run and relies entirely on donations.

My friend Jenny and I decided to raise money for Ronald McDonald House by doing a sponsored walk, The Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness a distance of approximately 75 miles.

Jenny and I at the end of The Great Glen Walk

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